Credit: Jose Perez/Splash News Photo: Leighton Meester and Roxane Mesquida on Set for Gossip Girl in New York City on October 25, 2011

The U.S. promo for Monday's all-new GG episode "Father and the Bride" may have been all bachelorette party-or-bust, but the Canadian promo tells more of the story! (Thank goodness, we were thinking this was going to be one wacky hour of GG!) Turns out Chuck (Ed Westwick) might be up to no good again (No!). And Dan (Penn Badgley) might turn out to be Blair (Leighton Meester)'s fairytale (Yes!), or maybe it's still Louis (No!). And... B's got a new BFF by the name of Beatrice. (Seriously, where did we leave off with the priest storyline?! That DID happen right? What the... Perhaps he’s the “Father” in “Father and the Bride”?? Hmmm...)

Here's a frame-by-frame analysis of the ever-so-much-juicier clip (which is almost half flashback-happy, so bear with us):

Credit: YouTube Photo: New Sneak Peek of "Father and the Bride" — Chuck Confronts Blair in Season 5, Episode 12 [VIDEO]

Scene #1
Old clip: B's sad hospital face when she finds out about Chuck's condition.

Scene #2
Old clip: That heartbreaking Chair scene where Blair breaks Chuck's heart. Again. (Gosh, that's a scene we do NOT need to keep watching...)

Scene #3
Old clip: Nate standing incredulously over the car wreck.

Scene #4
Aha! New stuff! Blair (Leighton Meester) tells Chuck to take a hiiiike from Casa de Waldorf. He begs with her, "I don't know what you think it is I did tonight, but all I care about is her." WHAT! Suddenly things are coming together on that episode description, which foretold that amidst B's party madness, "others scheme behind her back to make this a night to remember." Is it Chuck? Or does Serena just think it's Chuck?! WE DON'T TRUST BEATRICE, OKAY?! And who are the "others"?

Scene #5
Old clip(s): Blair recounts that cockamamie story of "THE PACT" to Dan, and then Serena. Eyurghhh.

Scene #6
Old clip: Blair bridal gown shopping at Vera Wang. (But what's signif here is the VOICEOVER, people!! It claims, "from the wreckage, a fairytale ending." We know Louis was always Blair's version of the "fairytale," but that word's been thrown around so much it's lost all meaning at this point! PLUS, it's DAN in the shot as they say it...)

Scene #7
Chuck and B havin' it out on the streets of NYC! Chuck says he won't give up until she tells him why she gave up "on him, on US!" (Be still our friggin' hearts, that's a tearjerker!) Might this be post-bachelorette party spoiling?! WHAT DOES CHUCK DO(/NOT DO!)?! And why does Beatrice appear out of nowhere to whisk Blair away? Why is she back and... what's with that face she's making? (Okay, we'll be honest, we sort of love it.)

Scene #8
Exasperated Blair!

Scene #9
Stressed out C-Bass!

Guess there's more to that wild bachelorette party than we were first led to believe...

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