Do you ever awake from fever dreams in which you are Leighton Meester — either as Blair Waldorf or not — completely discombobulated, and try to force yourself back into a sweaty embrace with Chuck Bass (or Ed Westwick, sans mustache)? Um, no? Neither do we... cuz that would be weird.

But in all seriousness, Ed and Leighton’s onscreen love is the stuff of many of our dreams, and when Chuck and Blair finally kissed as husband and wife on Gossip Girl, well, let’s just say we slept well back in those days. So, is it possible that the love between Ed and Leighton isn’t just the stuff of onscreen play and nighttime fantasies?

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Maybe? (Does maybe work for you?) Although Leighton is still in a relationship with Aaron Himelstein (as far as we know), they’re not married or anything. In fact, Ed and Leighton recently traveled to Bangkok together. True, it was for work, but wouldn’t a little play only be natural in a setting so beautiful? Last year, Ed had a little to say about Leigh when he talked with E! about his beautiful co-star.

"I'm madly in love with Leighton, so that's what helps on my behalf, maybe so much that she doesn't even have to be in love with me.” Anyone else need a cold washcloth and a stiff drink?

“I love enough, she's mine. I'm incredibly close with her, she's a lovely girl,” he said as the duo headed into their 100th episode. “I think she was 20 and I was 19 when we started the show and it's such a kind of development stage of young adulthood. And to grow up on the show and to go through that together, you know you're going to have a very strong bond. But she is a remarkable talent and there is just sometimes you can't put things into words with connections or sparks or when you're acting with someone. We've got the right pairing, I guess."

If you’re that good together onscreen, maybe give it a try IRL? Whaddya say, guys? We miss you together so much... Sorry Aaron, we’re sure you’re lovely, but you’re no Ed.

Source: E!