You know what they say about Milan Fashion Week. It brings out Ed Westwick's sexy British feelings. Ed took a moment to chat with The Blonde Salad about how he's different from his Gossip Girl character, Chuck Bass, and he even dished on his dating life!

"He's very, very different," Ed says about Chuck. "His smile's very different from mine. He enjoys manipulating and ruining people's lives, which I'd have to say I don't really take too much pleasure in."

Sigh, Ed is such a man of the people! And heads up, ladies, this boy is single and ready to mingle. (Sorry, Jess Szhor!) "No, I don't have a Blair in my life," Ed says. "Still looking. Still looking. I think I'll know when I meet her. I haven't met her yet."

We're ready and waiting, Eddie.

Credit: TheBlondeSalad on YouTube Photo: Ed Westwick at Men’s Fashion Week 2012: Hear His Sexy British Accent (VIDEO)

Source: The Blonde Salad

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