Connor Paolo (Eric) has one fan on the Gossip Girl set: Her on-screen BFF Connor Paolo (Eric).

Connor believes that Taylor has gotten a raw deal. “She’s 17 years-old. I don’t think anyone has any right to say anything negative being that she — as mature and self-possessed as she is — is still young. It’s not fair. No one has a right to attack someone of that age.”

Connor hates not seeing Taylor on set every day. “I miss her dearly,” Paolo confesses to Michael Ausiello. “I try to see her as much as I can, and make it to [as many of her] shows as I can. She’s one of my best friends. It sucks not having her around.”

But that begs the question: Will she come back?  “Jenny’s always lying in wait. She could pop out of the bushes with her machete of eyeliner at any time.” We’ll admit it: We love the drama Little J brings!

Source: TVLine

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