While her dear, sweet cousin-turned-maybe-half-sis Serena might be ready to launch her as the Upper East Side’s next “It” girl, the future may not be quite so bright for Lola – aka the real Charlie Rhodes…

Deadline reports that the actress behind the newest addition to the vdW/Rhodes clan, Ella Rae Peck, has just been cast in the pilot for a new NBC drama called Notorious – which means her schedule must be clear at this point for future endeavors.

So, is Lola soon to be riding off in the metaphorical GG sunset? Our money’s on “Probably!”

Let’s face it, the girl has been eschewing the Rhodes way of life since day one, and, although S’s best intentions will be in play through the developing storyline, it’s likely just to be total overload for ol’ Charlotte. (The person we’re most worried about through all of this? Our poor pal Nate!)

Notorious is said to center around an undercover detective’s search for the truth in the death of a celebutante, who was once her childhood friend, amidst the backdrop of her wealthy family. Ella Rae will play Mia, the younger sister of the deceased, who is spiraling out of control and headed down a dangerous path — just like her sis. (Sounds a little Revenge-y, no?)

Source: Deadline


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