Inquiring minds want to know: Where in the world is Jessica Szohr? Well, this weekend, your question was majorly answered when Jessica stepped out to dinner with friends (and, once again, without Ed Westwick) at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Sunday. Jess donned a black bolero hat and a white mesh see-through top for the evening.

The (ex) Gossip Girl star also showed off a new-ish tattoo of a rose on the inside of her right wrist — which isn’t nearly as salacious as on-again, off-again boyf Ed Westwick’s dozens of tattoos. But Jess has more than a handful of her own ink: She has her mom’s nickname tattooed on her right arm, her grandparents’ anniversary date on her left arm, and a bevy of tats on her feet.

When asked by Stylist in 2010 just how many tattoos she has in total, Jessica said, “That’s for me to know and no one else to know!” Well, maybe except Ed Westwick.

Source: Twitter, Styelist

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