Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Kristen Bell and her fiance, funnyman Dax Shepard, are hilarious. We sometimes think that life would be grand if we could just curl up on the couch next to them and be their pet sloth. And by sometimes, we mean we’re working on the potion to make that happen as we type this very sentence.

So, what could make these two (and their bun in the oven) even cuter? Ummmmmm this.

Kristen Bell on WhoSay

Kristen posted the pic of herself and her man in these — charming? Ugly? Adorable? Terrifying? Well, sweaters, anyway — Matching sweaters, with the caption “Non matching sweaters are for pussies.” We appreciate KBell’s refusal to mince words. And also the way those stripes really bring out their distressed denim throw pillow...