Gossip Girl's Kristen Bell (not to be confused with Dan Humphrey) is currently expecting her first baby with fiance, Dax Shepard, and she couldn't be more excited! But while most pregnant ladies spend their gestation eating SlimJims and buckets of ice cream (aka our everyday standard), Kristen is all about staying healthy for her baby.

"I have been hyper-aware of everything . . . not only just in food," Kristen tells E! News. "I'm not strict, but I'm just very aware of what I'm putting in my body because it's affecting someone else. And that's kind of my responsibility. So, I'm working hard in the department."

Kristen is even using all-natural beauty products to keep things uber au naturale! "When you're pregnant your sensitivity to everything goes up," she says, "so I'm working really hard at keeping everything I use very natural."

Um, there is nothing unnatural about shrimp-flavored chips. They are the most natural thing in the universe. We wear them while eating Birkenstocks, that's how natural they are.

Source: E! News