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Oh glory be! Ever since we first heard that Gossip Girl alumna Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) was getting all hot and nerdy with cutie pie Adam Brody, we’ve been hooked on them like phonics. And now we have another reason to celebrate, cuz Leighdam (Adton?) is making something beautiful together: a movie!

According to On Location Vacations, the duo is filming (appropriately) Life Partners, co-starring Community’s Gillian Jacobs, and the lesser-known John Forest (Young Adult), AJ Meijer, and Simone Bailly (The L Word).

Credit: Instagram Photo: Adam Brody and Simone Bailly on Set of Life Partners

While we don’t have a lot of info on what the movie is about, we do know that they’re currently filming in LA and that Adam Brody is sporting some serious scruff (sir, if that mustache is not gone when filming ends, we’ll need to have words).

Canadian actress Simone has been tweeting pictures from the set since they started filming on April 21. “Great 1rst day filming in LA with @GillianJacobs, @itsmeleighton, Adam Brody, @JohnPForest and @DigitalActor.  Thx 4 being sweet to the CDN!,” she tweeted.

Adam and Leighton previously co-starred in 2011’s The Oranges, and have delighted us by bringing our two favorite Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage shows together as one. Fingers crossed they share at least a few onscreen kisses to further fuel our IRL fanfic.

Source: On Location Vacations / Instagram / Twitter