Credit: The CW

So far, we’re pretty sure there’s a possibility that Gossip Girl will end... We mean, like end end. You know, cuz it’s the last season?

That’s all. Oh, and did we mention there might be a Chair spawn running around? While nothing is for sure, we know we have ten television hours until all is concluded in a cloud of Upper East Side scandal napalm.

Well, we’ve got a little more for you. Leighton Meester (Blair) tells Lucky, “I assume there’ll be some kind of happy ending.” She hopes that Blair will find “love and resolution.” Us too, Leighton.

Adding on to our confusion and expectation for ridiculous antics before the show disappears, Leighton says “I assume there'll be some kind of happy ending. I've heard that there's going to be a gigantic cliffhanger with Chuck's dad, Blair and Chuck in the second-to-last episode.” Never fear, Gossip fans. Leighton says the word on the street is that it’s “resolved in the finale.” PHEW!

We’re going to miss the fashionable Blair, and apparently Leighton is feeling a little nostalgic too, because she told the mag “ I have everything I have now because of Gossip Girl.” At least one star knows the score...

Source: Lucky

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