We'll be honest, we're a little nervous about repeatedly talking about Dair happening when week after week they get suuuper close but never quiteee make it out into the open! It's so frustrating! It's frustrating for Dair fans! It's frustrating for Chair fans!

We feel your paaain, guys... All of y’all!

Credit: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash Photo: Penn Badgley Takes Leighton Meester's Hand in New York City on February 6, 2012

(And, seriously, if those producers think they are giving us the goods with eps like Monday's "The Backup Dan," which was totally not enough to appease us... Will an actual Dair relaysh ever even freakin' happen?!)

TVLine has scoop that in Monday's Valentine's Day-themed episode, "Crazy, Cupid, Love," Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) WILL finally reveal his feelings for Blair (Leighton Meester) (TO BLAIR) and, what's more, they say Blair has "a surprising reaction to his catharsis. Or not, if you've seen the photos floating around."

You know what that means! Those photos of a loved-up Dan and Blair are FOR.REAL. (!!!) Blair's "surprising reaction," we imagine, is just labelled as such because she's gonna be breaking away from Chuck, whom she's been professing never-ending love for as of late...

How will they account for her swift change of heart? And what about that, uhhh, whole, ugly HUSBAND PRINCE mess? We don't even caaare, man, as long as we finally GET somewhere with this storyline. YOU WITH US?

Source: TVLine

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