Credit: AAR/Fame Pictures Photo: Kevin Zegers and Leighton Meester on Set on October 20, 2010
Michael Ausiello may have left EW, but that doesn't mean the scoopster doesn't still have his ear to the ground for us fans. Case in point: A freshly mined little nugget of gold about an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl!

According to Michael, Episode 13 of this season will be titled "Damien Darko." That pretty much confirms you-know-who is returning to turn Little J's world upside down. That you-know-who isn't Voldemort, either. It's none other than Damien (Kevin Zegers), Little J's drug-dealing first love and almost first time.

Michael also speculates that someone on Gossip Girl will be getting a job at a fashion magazine, since the show is casting for magazine assistants. Could this mean Jenny Humphrey is coming back to the Upper East Side?

Source: FB