Credit: Doug Meszler/Splash News Photo: Penn Badgley Gets Bug-Eyed on the Set of Gossip Girl in Manhattan on July 13, 2011

Penn Badgley sure knows how to make headlines ― he may even have Dan Humphrey beat in the gossip-brewin’ department! Last week he was busy telling the world (via the pages of NYLON) that Dan was the soul mate to one Blair Waldorf. And nowww, dun dun dunnnnn... Penn’s breaking hearts by declaring the death of Gossip Girl!

Well, not so fast. While first instinct may be to jump to conclusions and overreact (we share these instincts, we do!!), all Penn said technically in the interview with New York Magazine was that the cast’s contracts last through next season, Season 6. And we quote, “I don’t think we can go past six. ‘Cause that is what we’re contracted to.”

To be honest, we already thought this day might be coming sooner than later, what with all the big time movie gigs the cast — well, Blake, Penn and Leighton, really — have got going on. And, really now, how long can we pine for Chuck and Blair to be TOGETHER before the INEVITABLE happens? (It IS inevitable, right??)

Source: NY Mag

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