While Penn Badgley’s day job is going strong, the Gossip Girl actor also has his sights on the silver screen. He's starring in The Stepfather, a new horror-thriller due out this month.

Badgley plays Michael Harding, whose mother (Sela Ward) is romanced into her second marriage by the mysterious and seemingly-wonderful David Harris (played by Dylan Walsh of Nip/Tuck fame). Little by little, Harris becomes unhinged and before you know it, family squabbles are being resolved with the help of Harris’s circular saw.

The plot looks like your typical psycho-killer-infiltrates-normal-family horror fare, but the quality of the actors is superior to most. Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think: will you see The Stepfather when it hits theaters on October 16?

Can’t wait until then to get your fix? There's a huge viral marketing campaign for the movie and you can check out Michael Harding's fictional blog or you can become a fan on Facebook, and the Twilight-esque movie soundtrack (the opening track is by Twilight breakout artists Mute Math) hits stores on October 13.