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You guys, Penn Badgley (Dan) is so sad. Like most of us, all he wants in this short life is to play Chuck Bass, but alas — he got stuck with Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey.

"When I first started [on Gossip Girl], my ego wanted to play Chuck Bass," Penn tells Vulture as we swoon. "It's not that I don't like my character. It's just, after a while, you're known as somebody that you're just not, and this is somebody who I so am not. He's not real. He's a tool on a show with soap-operatic arcs, and he needs to be a judgmental douche bag sometimes."

Woah, them's fighting words, Penn. Dan Hump-Me is to be respected — but wait, it gets more scandalous! After starring in a series of shows that failed to take off, Penn never even wanted to be on Gossip Girl in the first place because he was tired of his TV shows being cancelled!

"Look, I absolutely appreciate the opportunity it's been," he explains. "I wouldn't be here without Gossip Girl, so I will always be in debt and grateful... But the reason I turned it down initially was because I was just frustrated. I was frustrated and I was broke and I was depressed and I was like, I cannot do that again. I can't."

Even though Gossip Girl was an immediate smash hit, Penn still had doubts. "I think there was a phase where I was really upset," he explains. "I was 23 years old and wanting to be an artist, and I was on a f*cking TV show. Going to fashion parties and stuff — I was like, 'What the f*ck am I doing?'"

Luckily, Penn has put all his angst aside, and now he has nothing but love for the show that made him a household name. "I think it's already in the rear-view mirror and I do appreciate it more now," he says. "You know, I've always been honest about how I feel about the show — which, every now and then, has bitten me in the ass — but I've always been appreciative. I've always forced myself to just accept that it's good."

Awww, Penn! This dude might have his doubts about Gossip Girl, but we love him with every fiber of our being — down to our faux Loubies!

Source: Vulture 

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