Gossip Girl spends so much time namedropping real NYC restaurants, clubs, and socialites that you may assume they never make any up at all. Wrong! Here are a couple Gossip Girl locations from “Gaslit” that are straight up fibs.
Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Jenny Gets Sneaky in Season 4, Episode 10: "Gaslit"
St. Theresa’s Hospital

There’s no St. Theresa’s Hospital in Manhattan where wayward socialites can be treated for forced drug overdoses. Or at least we don’t think there is. We wouldn’t put it past New York’s swanky set to maintain such an institution in secret.

The Ostroff Center

Likewise, GG’s go-to rehab center is totes made up. We’re not even sure you’d find a place like this in the city. Don’t party kids suffering from “exhaustion” usually retreat to rehab centers out in the country, surrounded by nature? That’s probably where Jenny’s classmates think she is.