Credit: Pedro Andrade/ Photo: Blake Lively Walks Along the Beach Filming Savages on September 12, 2011

As Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds used his superhuman willpower to command a ring of emerald energy. If the following rumors are true, however, all the green is going to be coming from Leo's jealous heartbags.   Did the hero of The Beach get Buried?

The Boston Herald is reporting, like, a metric ton of sightings of the former co-stars together. Could they be working on a new, more private, feature?

- They were seen together at a NY Radiohead concert, which sounds Kid A(mazing)!

- They were seen racing through the countryside on a highspeed Amtrak express to Boston!  Beantown Bullet Train!

- They were seen eating sushi in The Leather District!  Did they share chopsticks?!?! 

(There's a Leather District?)

- Blake was seen alone buying $250 worth of groceries including toothpaste and a pumpkin!  Why do you need a pumpkin unless you are dating Ryan Reynolds??!

Bet they'll be making more than a Jack o' Lantern this week!

Blake wouldn't be the first lovely lady to let Leo loose and watch him sink into the icy depths, so we bet he'll rebound as quickly as his character from The Basketball Diaries!

So many lives! So many hearts! So many loves!  So many stories!

We want to lie down on the Walk of Fame and listen to all the stars whisper all their secrets!  Taking an Amtrak Express!

Source: The Boston Herald