Guess this explains why Blake Lively was MIA from this year’s MET Ball on Monday.

Lively, who in recent years has become a fashion event (and magazine) staple, traded in couture for Converses as she took in the sights of her boyfriend’s Canadian hometown of Vancouver. (That’s right Karl Lagerfeld — you’ve been replaced by the ab-alicious Ryan Reynolds.)

According to People, the pair spent the weekend having dinner with Ryan’s mother and, on Monday, while everyone was strutting their stuff on the red carpet, cozying up for dinner on a double date with Ryan’s brother and wife.

How... normal of them! Maybe the rumors of their impending nuptials are not as far-fetched as they seem. Or, maybe it was easier to avoid an awkward run-in with Ryan’s ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, by being an entire country code away. Hmm...

Source: People

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