Sarah Jessica Parker can't help but wonder if The Carrie Diaries is a bad idea.

The Sex and the City star was asked by Net-a-Porter how she feels about the CW show which features Carrie Bradshaw in her younger days, and it's clear that she's not thrilled about the new show.

“I’m not sure," SJP admits. "You know, I think it’s one of those tests of your generosity."

"She [Anna­Sophia Robb], is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it, but it’s... odd,” she continues.

Sarah has also recently pointed out that her feet are now deformed from wearing high heels on the show for so many years.

We think Carrie Diaries is pretty great, although there's no question that it's weird to see someone else playing Carrie.

Apparently, in Sarah's mind — and probably in the mind of many viewers — there's only one Carrie Bradshaw.

Source: Net-a-Porter