Credit: David Giesbrecht/©2012 The CW Network, LLC.

Things are about to get downright dirty between two of the UES’s resident BFFs in Monday’s Gossip Girl Season 5 finale! We’ve seen Blair and Serena battle it out before – but this time, the gloves are coming off…

In an exclusive sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly, Blair does damage control with her minions — hoping to restore her reputation with some of the city’s most important (and Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses take a bit of a hit!) — before a new blast goes out on the GG wire that seems to unsettle everybody in the room.

Watch the spoiler-y clip here!

It also just so happens to appear to involve Blair’s feelings for Chuck and Dan — note how she says she hopes they both don’t see it. (Like that’s even a possibility.) AND THEN, Blair sets out a decree to all the land — OK, it was just to Penelope, but whatevs — that Serena’s secrets must be exposed so that B can exact revenge!

It’s gettin’ real, guys! But let us be real... Doesn’t Blair know all we really care about is her decision between Chuck and Dan?! It’s become pretty clear that Serena can destroy herself on her own.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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