Lots of Gossip Girl’s fictional happenings actually feature real-world places and faces. Names are dropped so quickly it can be hard to keep track. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the whos, whats and wheres you need to know from Season 5, Episode 2: “Beauty and the Feast.”

Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News Photo: Leighton Meester and Roxane Mesquida Chat on Set in NYC on July 7, 2011

Feast of the Assumption
As the gang mentioned, the Feast of the Assumption celebrates the assumption of Mary into heaven. Interestingly, it’s celebrated on August 15th, which means it’s still late summer in Gossip Girl world. We’re due for a time jump in the next few eps — and, presumably, a pregnancy belly for Blair. Buh-bye for now, sample sizes!

While that little pastry Princess Beatrice stuffed in Blair’s face sent her running for the bathroom, we thought it looked delicious. So we spent 20 minutes googling every spelling variation we could think of for what Beatrice called them (barbe a gens? Pain bourgeois? Ba ba ja?) until we found the right one: One of Monaco’s signature foods, the barbajuan (or barbagiuan) is an olive oil pastry filled with spinach or squash, cheese, onions, and other delicious things. Here’s a recipe. Here’s another. You’re welcome.

Judging from the Gossip Girl map, Chuck made the trek up to the very tippy top of Manhattan for his scheduled beatings, a neighborhood called Inwood. While it’s off the beaten path for high rollers like Mr. Bass, Inwood’s not actually “the wrong side of town” — it’s a fairly quiet, pretty neighborhood that a lot of academic-types call home. Of course, academics don’t make much money. Maybe they have to moonlight as thugs for hire.

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