Credit: ONTD Photo: Blake Holds a Pot With Chef Poupard at Le Cordon Bleu
How's this for a blind item, per Gawker: "This B-ish television/movie star loves to bake and just bought part of an upscale bakery in New York. She keeps it secret that at least once a week when her schedule permits she goes into the bakery in the early morning hours to help bake the goods because she enjoys it so much. Based on her figure she isn't eating any of her creations, but we hear they're delicious."

So, Gossip Girl fans, does that sound like it could be about anyone in particular? Perhaps a certain blonde bombshell who has already professed her love of cooking and admits to wanting to open a restaurant in the future?

We're talking about Blake Lively (Serena), natch. What do you think? Is Blake a secret baker?

Source: Gawker
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