Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Jenny and Blair in Season 4, Episode 10: "Gaslit"

Uh oh. Serena may be flighty enough to run off without telling anyone, but she wouldn’t do it on Thanksgiving, right? Her family and friends must know she’d never miss the drama that always goes down on that day in Gossip Girl world! That’s the question being asked in Episode 4.10, “Gaslit.” We’ve got a sneak peek at the episode with videos and photos from the show.

First up, we see the fam discovering that Serena is missing. Surely they’ll leap to her aid, right?


Of course! Maybe. Some of them. Looks like Dan, at least, will give her the benefit of the doubt despite Juliet’s increasingly psycho scheming. In the ongoing Dan vs. Nate Games, will his loyalty be enough to put him over the top? It appears S may be leaning towards him...


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