For most guys, the chance to have sex with a woman like Blake Lively (Serena) probably sounds like a dream come true. But for Hollywood hottie (and Savages star) Taylor Kitsch? Not so much.

"It's very awkward to do,” Taylor tells People. “I was just glad it was over with, to be honest."

Hold up! He does realize this is Blake Lively he’s talking about... right? Supermodel figure. Devilishly sexy. Legs for days. Most men would kill for the chance to speak with her, much less the opportunity to actually hook up.

Okay, before you start to worry that Taylor started to go insane sometime between John Carter and Battleship, we should probably point out that it’s not Blake who’s making the sex so awful: It’s the fact that they’re doing it in front of a camera — and having just met!

Taylor plays one of Blake’s two boyfriends in their new film, Savages, and they open the movie with a sex scene that is very “intense.” Thing is, he and Blake and only met a few days earlier.

“I think I knew Blake three days … four days maybe," Taylor says. Having to do an intense sex scene with a girl you just met, in front of a huge camera crew? Okay, now we’re starting to see where he’s getting this whole “awkward” bit from.

Fine, Tayler. We guess we’ll allow it. Plus, you’re kind of a novelty. We’re pretty sure no one else will utter the words awkward and sex with Blake Lively in the same sentence ever again.

Source: People

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