Credit: Andrew Eccles/The CW © 2007 The CW Network Photo: This Week's Hottest: Dan and Serena

Who's the hottest GGer of them all? Let’s see which Gossip Girl characters came out on top in Episode 4.10, “Gaslit.”

Hottest Guy: Dan

1. Did dude have a lip job? His mouth looked extra plump. Maybe all that brooding over Serena buffed up his pouting muscles.
2. He’s adorably dumb. “Come away with me, Serena, and I’ll hide you somewhere no one will ever think to look for us! It’s my house.”
3. Aww. Serena and Dan.

Hottest Girl: Serena

1. Anyone can look good when they’ve had all day to primp. But even post-bender Serena looks amazing. Apparently while she was passed out a team of stylists snuck into her room and gave her a blowout.
2. She sticks to her guns. Okay, she was right that her drugged state wasn’t her fault, but she didn’t actually know that. Still, it didn’t stop her from dealing major guilt trips to everyone who tried to help her.
3. Aww. Serena and Dan. Yep, we’re still awww-ing over here.