Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. Photo: Blair and Chuck in Season 4, Episode 14: "Panic Roommate"

Who's the hottest GGer of them all? Let’s see which Gossip Girl characters came out on top in Season 4, Episode 14, “Panic Roommate.”

Guy: Dan
1. He can remember what happened last week. Unlike other characters, Dan hasn’t forgotten that his new roomie Ben tried to destroy Serena’s life, or that Damien is no one’s friend. Of course, he too has amnesia by the end of the ep — but he holds out longer than the rest.
2. He sticks up for his stepbro. Serena barely remembers Eric exists, but Dan tries to help the little guy.
3. Not a third reason so much as a warning: We like a bit of shaggyness on a dude, but if Dan doesn’t get a haircut soon he won’t be appearing on this list for awhile. We sense dangerous incipient poofyness.

Girl: Raina
1. She was rocking that red dress. And that blue negligee. In a week when even Serena was bundled up against the cold, Raina brought the sexy.
2. She gets Chuck. Initially we thought Raina was kind of irritating (and the pendulum could still swing back that way. Watch your step, Thorpe), but she understands him in ways even Blair doesn’t. Who knew the way to Chuck’s heart was bonding over growing up in a hotel? Actually, it makes perfect sense. Chuck probably has a Monopoly hotel game piece instead of a heart.
3. She gets Chuck — good and bad. When Raina finds out how sneaky he is, she drops him like a hot potato — but she also gives him a second chance.

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