Who's the hottest GGer of them all? Let’s see which Gossip Girl characters came out on top in the Season 4 finale, “The Wrong Goodbye.”

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2011 Warner Brothers. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Prince Louis and Blair Have a Heart-to-Heart in Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 21: “Shattered Bass”

Guy: Louis (Hugo Becker)
1. He waits for Blair. Aww. Probably every other girl at that party came up and offered him her body, but he wanted a Waldorf. What a catch.
2. He’s very understanding. We’re pretty sure he heard most of Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair’s tearful farewell, but he trusts her enough to take her back. Think Will would’ve done as much for Kate?
3. He has a royal yacht. Upon which he is taking Blair around the world. Can we come?

Girl: Blair (Leighton Meester)
1. She saves herself from a lunatic. Russell probably should have frisked her and taken her phone away. But Blair was smart enough to keep it hidden and call for help in the form of exposition. Serena would have been all, “Hold on a sec, Russell, I need to make a call.”
2. She got all the boys — she got to have one last fling with the love of her life before continuing her ascent toward royalty, and it seems like Dan’s still pining for her too. Ethical? No. Awesome? Little bit.
3. We found her ball gown a bit annoying, but that red-and-white sundress she wore at the end? Très mignon.

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