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We’ve had a whole summer to gear up for the new season of Gossip Girl and with that time, a little break from the Upper East Side shenanigans we’ve come to love and expect. While it was hard to choose the biggest surprises in Season 6, Episode 1 “Gone Maybe Gone,” we whittled it down to three scenes we won’t soon forget.

Dan Tells Blair Her Love Isn’t All That
We get that his heart hurts still (it’s been four months, Dan), but it seemed a little harsh — albeit super fun to watch — when Dan (Penn Badgley) addressed the Chair-shaped elephant in the room. Although the episode started off with hot hot sexy time, it hasn’t happened in a few months. Blair (Leighton Meester) explains that she and Chuck (Ed Westwick) made a pact that even though they each acknowledge that they belong together, they won’t be together until they’ve both worked out their own shiz. Dan calls B out saying that even though he didn’t get it when he lost her to Chuck, he really doesn’t get how he can lose her to a possible future version of Chuck. And then for the kicker, he says “You think you two have an epic love, but all you have are excuses.” BAM! ZING! POW! Got ‘em.

Rufus and Ivy Hook Up
In this version of OMG, an angel loses its wings. At this point, Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) has already admitted to the GG-sphere (translation: us) that she is just manipulating Rufus (Matthew Settle). Then, she’s marked her territory by hugging Rufus all couple-like in front of Lily (Kelly Rutherford) (even though nothing below the belt was happening yet). Ivy (creepily) says, “I’m not a child, and you’re not married” and then kisses Rufus. (Who — to his credit — resists at first.) But when Dan opens the door to the loft and sees them all tangled up in bed, we, too, are Dan, seeing his dad doing it. And, just like Rufus’s tribal tattoo, it’s not pretty.

Credit: The CW

Serena Tells Blair She Doesn’t Want to Be “Stuck” Being Her Best friend
Although Blair was the one who kicked Serena (Blake Lively) out in the Season 5 Finale, it’s obvious she still cares about her. Namely, B booked it back to NYC, freaked out at the VDW loft, drove all over the state, apologized profusely, and told Serena she’d be her best friend forever. But Serena was a little less quick to forgive and forget. After Blair told S that BFF meant they’d be stuck together forever, Serena said she didn’t want to be stuck with B, but wanted a fresh start with Steven instead. Ouch. We’ll see how long that sticks...

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