It just wouldn’t be our beloved Gossip Girl if every single episode didn’t pack a serious, shocking punch! And with schemes aplenty, “Crazy, Cupid, Love” was just full of ‘em!

Top five most OMG-inducing moments, comin’ at ya...

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network Photo: Dan and Blair Get Close in Season 5, Episode 15: "The Backup Dan"

Dan sent the video to Gossip Girl!
Okay, so no BIG surprise here, but the fact that it STILL hasn't come out publicly leads us to believe that this mystery is headed for one SUPA-unveil at some point. But when? And HOW? (Are we alone in thinking that this wedding was ruined so far before the vid was leaked that this whole mess is a little tired? Yeahhh...)

The dowry would bankrupt Eleanor.
Yes, if Blair breaks this contract with the royal goons, it's lights out on Eleanor's empire. Now we understand why she's locked herself in the silly arrangement, but still... isn't there SOME way out? There's gotta be! OH WAIT, THERE WAS: Chuck Bass. D'oh.

Lola knows Ivy...
And now she knows that Ivy has been playing her in her mother's schemey, creepy game. This could get good, but at the same time, part of us is wondering if poor Lola is just gonna run for the hills. She seems refreshingly no-nonsense... Which is exactly why we hope she doesn't!

CeCe is sick!
After Ivy figured out her pill-popping secret, CeCe apparently locked her in to be her main caregiver and confidante. Or something? Ivy's been away in the Hamptons dealing with her declining health, and Lily and Carol appear totally outta the loop. Weird? Weird.

Need we say more? Love the pairing or hate it, that kiss was H-O-T! No limo hook-up, but, you know... We imagine more goodness is on its way... (WE HOPE!)

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