We are beside ourselves with jubilation, anticipating the filming and production and perfection that will result in Veronica Mars: The Movie, or whatever they call it. A of all, Kristen Bell is just magical and now has the added dimension of being all that and a bag of diapers, with the new addition of baby girl Lincoln to her world. But that isn’t the only thing Veronica Mars has brought into our world recently.

Kickstarter supporters of the film were treated to a little surprise on April 4 when Rob Thomas (no, not that one) released a snippet of one of the scenes we have to look forward to when VM: TM becomes a reality. And it’s a good one.

The film, which takes place in Neptune, California ten years after the show ended (well, nine-ish, since V was in college...), shows Veronica returning to her hometown for the Neptune High reunion. We aren’t sure yet which cast of wacky characters will return (although, praise the lord, we do know Logan will be among them), but it seems as if Amanda Noret is on board as well. 

Credit: Kickstarter

The scene features Veronica snarking at Madison Sinclair while picking up her nametag for the reunion. Oh, how things don’t change... Who are you dying to have back at the class reunion, and whose presence could you do without?

Source: Kickstarter