Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for MONTBLANC Photo: Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Princess Grace Awards Gala in New York City on November 1, 2011

Over the course of Gossip Girl Seasons 4 and 5, we’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of members of the show’s fictional Royal Family of Monaco. There’s Prince Louis (Hugo Becker), for one, but also his royal mother and his scheming brat of a sister, Beatrice (Roxane Mesquida).

Now, seeing as Monaco is an actual place — with, you know, an actual royal family — it stands to reason that the Monacan royals might take a bit of issue with the way their fictional counterparts are being portrayed.

New York Magazine spoke with Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Princess Grace Awards Gala in NYC on November 1, and the magazine asked the princess that exact question.

Princess Charlene’s official royal answer:

"What's Gossip Girl?"

Ouch. Well, not to worry. Maybe they just don’t get The CW over in Monaco! Their loss, we guess...

Credit: Doug Meszler/Splash News Photo: Marc Menard and Roxane Mesquida Film Gossip Girl in New York City on October 24, 2011

Unless, of course, Princess Charlene really has seen the show and just isn’t a fan of the bratty Beatrice. In that case, we totally understand! Rumormongering, preist-snogging princesses aren’t exactly the sort of people you want repping your royal family!

Obviously, there’s a difference between fact and fiction. Give us Americans some credit: We do know that!

Source: New York Magazine’s November 14 issue

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