Gossip Girl heartthrob Ed Westwick has basically created a new definition for hot in his onscreen character Chuck Bass . In real life, Ed’s a bit different from his character: he’s actually British, not American like his onscreen persona. Ed’s parents, contrary to the fictional Bass lineage, aren’t hotel magnates; instead, his real-life mum is an educational psychologist and his dad is a professor at a university, according to Ed’s Wikipedia bio.

The other major difference? Ed’s name has approximately a million syllables less than Chuck’s over-the-top WASPy name (Charles Bartholomew Bass). Ed’s full name is Edward Jack P. Westwick. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that sounds mighty all-American!

Source: Wikipedia

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Gossip Girl Heartthrob Ed Westwick: Chuck Is Best When He's in Love (VIDEO)