Credit: Splash News Photo: Kristen Bell Shops at Madewell in Los Angeles on February 27, 2013

Please hold our internet hands and take a trip back to the early '00s, a beautiful time where flared jeans were still popular and everyone was obsessed with Veronica Mars. Oh, wait, we're still obsessed with Veronica Mars, which is great news considering that this sleuth-tastic show might be turned into a movie!

Veronica Mars is kind of like Nancy Drew meets Twin Peaks with a splash of Law & Order thrown in for good measure, and both Kristen Bell (aka Veronica) and the show's creator, Rob Thomas, are determined to make this cult hit into a film. In fact, they've officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and get the project started!

Kristen and Rob hope to reach $2 million in just 30 days, and if they accomplish their goal, Warner Brothers will finance the rest of the movie through distribution. And guys? Kristen is all kinds of excited. Like, the only time she's ever been this excited, she was face-to-face with a giant sloth.

"all this excitement is prolly gonna send me into early labor," Kristen tweeted on March 13th. "#iamsoexcited #veronicamarsmovie."

Will you donate to Kirsten's kickstarter? Click here to make a contribution — and if Veronica Mars doesn't float your boat, you can always adopt a sloth in Kristen's honor.

Source: Twitter

Credit: Kickstarter Photo: Veronica Mars The Movie Kickstarter Video