Gossip Girl has the BEST music, so we're sad that it's all about to disappear. And maybe it's just because we're feeling extra nostalgic today, but everything feels just a little more important today. 


The first song we heard was Ball Park Music - "It's Nice To Be Alive" 


Boring as bat-s**t you people make me feel so
Curious and I don’t know why You think you’ll end up in the sky

Happy as Larry and riding sheep on clouds, well,
I’d prefer your enthusiasm, while you’re here with me
So stop! Don’t get carried a-way
Darlin’ don’t you understand that every time we wave our hands
We’re We’re f*****g a-mazing
We dropped down from some other dimension,
Just to be with you

Don’t stress
That’s dumb
I’m here, and it’s nice to be alive

Chill out,
It’s alright
kiss me,
It’s nice to be alive

[Verse 2]
Lovers need lovers and I’m im-pressed by all the goods out on display
I don’t know what to say
I’m thinking, I’m thinking, Waaoooo-oooh!
I’d prefer your enthusiasm,
While you’re here with me

It’s nice to be alive
It’s nice to be alive
It’s nice to be a-liiiiiive


Check back for more songs as they hit.