Credit: The CW

Plenty of crazy stuff went down on Gossip Girl Season 5 this past year. Blair (Leighton Meester) got married. Blair got a divorce. The identity of Gossip Girl was finally revealed — to be none other than Georgina [Michelle Trachtenberg]! (Well, sorta). Then, the identity of Gossip Girl was revealed to be Serena [Blake Lively]. (Also sorta).

On top of that, Blair and Dan (Penn Badgley) finally hooked up. Oh, and did we mention Chuck (Ed Westwick) almost died?! Yeah, not knowing for sure during GG’s mid-season hiatus just may have made for the most painful five weeks of our entire lives.

Basically, we need to get our hands on a copy of that Season 5 DVD. And we need to get our hands on it soon. Of course, releasing DVDs takes time, so the season isn’t out quite yet. But don’t fret. It’s coming soon!

According to Amazon, Gossip Girl: The Complete Fifth Season will be available for purchase on September 25, 2012. Even better news: After that, there’s only two weeks to go until Season 6 has its official premiere.

The DVD set costs about $50 — barely even 1/10 the cost of even the cheapest pair of Loubs. In other words, you should go and buy 10 of them. We’re pretty sure that’s what Serena van der Woodsen would do.

Source: Amazon

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