Credit: The CW

Before Chace Crawford became the tv heartthrob we know and love today, he was a sometime model, athlete, photographer... And college student! While his Gossip Girl character, Nate Archibald, chose a journalism career over getting his undergraduate degree, Chace once pursued his Bachelor of Arts at Pepperdine University in California.

According to a 2009 interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Chace enrolled at Pepperdine with the intention of studying broadcast journalism and business. But his collegiate tenure didn’t last long; “I didn’t like it that much,” Chace says in the interview. With his parents’ permission, he took a few acting classes and hunkered down to hone his craft.

After some time working as a valet in Malibu while taking classes, Chace got a windfall of big breaks. “Too many things fell into place at one time,” he explains. Those things being the 2006 thriller The Covenant and his now-iconic Gossip Girl role.

Source: Women’s Wear Daily

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