Credit: PacificCoastNews Photo: Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford Walk Together on Set on September 3, 2010

Gossip Girl is blessed with some dashing male talent: Penn Badgley as Dan, the scruffy Brooklynite; Chace Crawford as Nate, the well-intentioned trust fund kid; and Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass, the legendary UES pit viper with a wardrobe of seersucker suits and bow ties.

So who’d GQ Magazine name to their “30 Under 30: Most Stylish Young Men in Hollywood” list? All of them! Just like Blair Waldorf, GQ couldn’t quite pick a favorite.

Ed Westwick
GQ is puzzled by Ed Westwick’s casual off-screen style paired with his dapper onscreen Chuck Bass swagger. The mag says Ed’s duality is “head-scratching but somehow natural. He just keeps us looking.” They forgot to mention the hotness variable known as The British Accent.


Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images Photo: Penn Badgley Arrives at a Dinner for Volkswagen, MoMA, and MoMA PS1 in New York City on May 23, 2011

Penn Badgley
Dan Humphrey’s Brooklyn beginnings have sure rubbed off on this curly-coiffed actor. Penn’s closet seemingly houses a litany of plaid and newsboy caps — a nod to his Seattle roots? GQ says Penn’s style is one of “classic sleaze,” like he “might light up a smoke and throw you a backhanded compliment before stealing your girlfriend.”

Chace Crawford
GQ applauds Chace’s “years of epitomizing Manhattan WASP-iness on Gossip Girl,” adding that the blue-eyed heartthrob has honed his off-screen style to match Nate’s grown-up trajectory. But Chace’s Most Stylish nod ends with backhanded burn only the likes of Blair Waldorf could deliver: “His wilder touches (like this knit-tie-and-tux combo) aren't exactly the most rule-shattering, but experimentation just seems so... new money, no?”

Source: GQ Magazine

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