While Gossip Girl fans seem pretty split on WHAT they want to have happen in Blair Waldorf’s love life in 2012, one thing is sure: Nobody’s bankin’ on Prince Louis making the cut!

TVLine has posted their write-in reader wishes for the 2012 TV season(s), and BOTH Chair and Dair join the ranks. (We’re wondering, did anybody have any wishes either way on Serena or Nate? Poor things have become such background players!)

Far be it from us to judge on anyone’s opinion of Chuck v. Dan ― Chuck and Blair have so much history! Dan and Blair can be so adorable together! Chuck’s so suave, but he’s got some, ehhh, issues! Dan is smart and well-read, but he can be such a sad saaack! ― but we kinda have a feeling that fans will have their cake and eat it too. With all the Dair teases making the rounds, it sounds like SOMETHING is finally about to happen there (FINALLY), but we’re still prettyyy sure that come GG finale time (next year?), they won’t go out without one last (and final) Chair bang (hey hey, that’s just a figure of speech!!). Maybe Blair’s story will end in an epic Joey Potter-esque man-choosing showdown?! Hmm...

In the meantime, TELL US: What’s YOUR wish for GG post-hiatus??? Chair? Dair? Blouis???

Source: TVLine

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