If you’ve seen the promo photos for tonight’s Season 5, Episode 19: “It Girl, Interrupted” and thought: Who’s that hunk Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) is trying to tongue down — and who is clearly not Nate (Chace Crawford)? You’re not alone.


So who is he (besides lucky)? His name is David Gregory, an actor most famous for his many, many shirtless scenes as Ford on One Life to Live (RIP). The 26-year-old actor describes his GG character, Aiden, as “essentially cougar bait for [Diana Payne],” but insists that his close interaction with the woman behind the sex-crazed character — and the rest of the cast, for that matter — was far from drama-filled.


“She was the sweetest woman! The entire cast and crew was very generous with their time. It was nice to get a chance to do prime-time after doing daytime,” gushes Gregory.

Hot-guy cameos on GG are a dime a dozen, but we sure don’t mind the fresh blood — even if it’s only for a moment. Plus, we’ll take anything that will distract us from Penn Badgley (Dan)’s painfully outgrown shag.

Source: Soap Opera Digest; David Gregory Official Site

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