Blake Lively (Serena) and Leighton Meester (Blair) have been taking Paris by storm as they make their presence known at Paris fashion week like it's the beaches at Normandy. Both Blake and Leighton showed up at the Chanel Haute Couture show this week. So which Gossip girl did American style proudest? Sadly, neither really looked her best.

Blake Lively chose not to ape European sophistication, instead going for an earthy Southwest look no French girl could ever pull off. Her weird, multistory dress looked like something you'd find crumpled on the floor of Forever 21. So close, B! If only you'd picked a hemline and stuck with it.


Leighton Meester was another swing and a miss, aiming for Continental chic and landing somewhere around Sinistra, queen of the vampires. Seriously, what is she doing wearing a long-sleeved black leather dress to a daytime event? In the height of summer? Outside? Just looking at pics of the ensemble makes us break out in sympathy sweat.

But wait! There was another Gossip Girl actress there — French newcomer Clemence Poesy. Surely she wouldn't be stymied by Parisian style, and could pull off a stylish look that wasn't totally grey and conservative and boring. Or... not.
Oh come on! Get it together, ladies!