Leave it to Blair Waldorf to become a fashion influence outside of her fictional UES world. The blinged out Jenny Packham gown that the aspiring princess wore to impress visiting royalty in Season 4’s “Princess in the Frog” was fit for just that — royalty — when newlywed Kate Middleton donned a version of the gown Thursday, June 9, at the 10th annual Absolute Return for Kids gala in London.

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC/Chris Jackson/Getty Images Photo: Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf in Jenny Packham Gown

Prince William’s young bride (right) continues to exude a post-nuptials glow, but it doesn’t hurt that the glamorous dress fits her and her elegant status perfectly. And much like Kate, Blair eschews a stuffy updo for fun, barely tamed curls as a youthful foil to the slightly more conservative dress — close call, we know, but...

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