Fashion guru and recent “One to Watch” Style Award Winner Ed Westwick (Chuck) opened up on the Style Awards’ red carpet about the riskiest fashion trends he’s ever tried. While we’ve seen Ed sport some edgy outfits (Darth Vader onesie anyone?), let’s just say his answer showed a serious commitment to bold fashion statements.

Ed says, “I’ll tell you want I want to do — straight jacket. Like the old punks used to wear in the ‘70s.” Yep, youuu read that right: a straightjacket. And just when you think he’ll be all like — just kidding, LOL! He continues straight-faced, “I want to get a straightjacket. It’s just cool.”

If anyone know about what’s cool, it’s Ed — so we trust him implicitly. But not quite enough to start rocking the straightjacket look first. Your move, Ed!

Source: Fanpop

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