Credit: Gaz Shirley/ Photo: Blake Lively Skateboards in a White Bathrobe on the Set of Gossip Girl in Los Angeles on August 5, 2011

There are a number of different ways you could kill time on set between filming scenes for a TV show. Blake Lively’s (Serena) leisure activity of choice? Longboarding in a big white bathrobe, apparently!

Photographers snapped the Gossip Girl starlet carrying around a longboard during a break from filming in Los Angeles on August 5. We love the idea of longboarding in the hot California sunshine, but wouldn’t a bikini top and some cute jean shorts be slightly more appropriate attire?

Our favorite part of this photo, though, is that Blake is still toting around that $200 Rice Baby Blamo toy she brought with her to Gossip Girl’s NYC set a few weeks back! Stuffed animals and bathrobe skateboarding: Just another day in the glamorous life of Blake Lively!

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