Gossip Girl

Carter Baizen

Carter is a St. Jude's graduate. Before Season 1, he had turned his back on his parents and was left without a trust fund, which prompted him to think about shaping his own future. At the beginning of the first season, he cons Nate into joining a high-stakes poker game and tries to extort money from him. He also escorts Serena to the debutante ball, but Nate punches him after Chuck manipulates Nate into thinking that Carter is pursuing Blair. In the second season, Carter resurfaces on the Upper East Side with the mysterious Elle, who is part of a secret high-end gentlemen's club. He ends up getting involved with a darkly depressed Blair, but leaves New York after Serena and Chuck intervene. In the Season 2 finale, Carter returns to Manhattan to tell Serena that he has found her father in Fiji. When Season 3 opens, Serena and Carter are newly returned from their trip and involved in a "complicated" relationship.

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