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Jessica Szohr

You wouldn't know it from the hideous faux-hippie outfits she is forced to wear as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl, but Jessica Szohr was once a model. And she's actually really attractive! In high school, Szohr was a cheerleader; she recalls the girls in her school as being sort of petty. (Sounds like a certain school in Manhattan…) Before Gossip Girl, the Wisconsin native appeared on lots of TV shows, including That's So Raven, CSI: Miami, and Drake & Josh. Off-screen, Szohr, whose heritage is Hungarian and African American, dates co-star Ed (Chuck Bass) Westwick.

She may act like a latter-day hippie on Gossip Girl, but off the set, Jessica Szohr, the actress who plays Vanessa Abrams, the show's Brooklyn-based indie filmmaker, is into much more than love beads:

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