Gossip Girl

Nate Archibald

Nate is so good-looking, words fail us. Check out the pictures instead. All the girls want him, and quite a few have had their chance. At the start of Gossip Girl’s first season, he and Blair Waldorf are an item—they have been meant for each other since kindergarten—but then it is revealed that he and Serena van der Woodsen, Blair’s best friend, have had a fling. Blair is, like, SO pissed. Many messy things transpire. Though Nate is a rich kid like his BFF Chuck Bass, he is fundamentally a nicer person. Why? What is different about his family? His father is a cocaine addict and a white-collar criminal. Eventually, Mr. Archibald has to flee the country, leaving Nate with money problems and many other troubles. Nate’s mother is rarely seen, though her father, a Vanderbilt, emerges eventually and takes care of some of the bills. Which is good because Nate ends up homeless at one point and is forced to take money for sex from a married woman. Cougar alert! Nate and Blair hook up and break up with regularity. (Thank God they were together for senior prom. They looked so right as prom King and Queen.) And though Chuck is always stabbing him in the back, Nate can’t quite break off with him. As for Serena, Vanessa, and the various other ladies to whom Nate is romantically attached at one juncture or another—they all stay pals with him, too! Why wouldn’t they? He’s so cute

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