Gossip Girl

Scott Rosson

Scott is the biological son of Rufus Humphrey and Lily Bass. Unbeknownst to Rufus, Lily got pregnant early on in their relationship, gave birth, and put their baby boy up for adoption. Twenty years after the fact, Rufus learns what Lily did and, at Rufus's insistence, he and Lily try to find their son and his new family. Scott's adoptive parents lie to Lily and Rufus, telling them that Scott died in a recent sailing accident. (They're trying to keep their adopted son to themselves.) Determined to meet his biological family, Scott transfers from BU to NYU—and leads his parents to believe that he's attending Reed in Portland, Oregon. (Very plausible.) At the end of the second season, he engineers an encounter with Dan and Vanessa in a cafe, and by the start of Season 3 he has gotten romantically involved with Vanessa (in order to get closer to the Humphreys). It works! He meets Rufus for the first time at a Vanderbilt polo match.

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