Michelle Trachtenberg: My Ex Boyfriend Wrote a Whole Album About Me!

Credit: Bravo

The worst part of Gossip Girl was that Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina Sparks) never got to have a hot boyfriend to help her scheme. She only dated Dan (Penn Badgley) under false pretenses and the dude who she ended up marrying was so lame that she pretty much walked away from him and her progeny to be with Jack (Desmond Harrington) in the end. But in real life, Michelle's love life is a lot more interesting. 

The actress hung out with Parks & Rec stars Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaley on Kathy Griffin's Bravo TV show and had some funny things to say about a certain ex. "Will you admit to one well-known guy you dated?" Kathy prodded our favorite schemer. "There's gotta be one that you'll admit to... or else I'll say it!" Hilariously, Michelle gave Kathy the double bird before revealing that she not only dated Ashlee Simpson's ex, Pete Wentz, but also inspired a whole album of his!

"Are you talking about PW?" Michelle asked, before adding, "but I have a great album written about me..." "So, is Pete Wentz your Taylor Swift?" Kathy continued. Michelle's response? A hilarious hair flip, before deflecting by joking, "I'm going to stab you to death." But it wasn't just a sense of modesty keeping Michelle's lips largely sealed. "I promised my exes not to talk about them," the 27-year-old divulged, "even though one or more of them have gone on Howard Stern to talk about me, so..." 

Wow, AWKWARD! Check out the clip and see all the funny.  

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