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Wallace Shawn

American character actor and writer Wallace Shawn has one of those fun, mischievously homely faces that is just meant to entertain. His best-known film roles include the evil Vizzini in the fairy tale comedy The Princess Bride ("Inconceivable!") and lovestruck debate teacher Mr. Hall in Clueless. Over the years, he has popped up on all sorts of television shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Murphy Brown, The Cosby Show, and Taxi. He has also done the voices for characters in animated films, including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, and Monsters, Inc. When not acting, Wally (we hope he doesn't mind the informality) is a playwright whose work is often dark, politically charged, and controversial. Not quite what one would expect from adorably frumpy Cyrus Rose. Shawn's longtime companion is short-story writer Deborah Eisenberg.

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