Gossip Girl

William Vanderbilt

Wealthy, ambitious, and manipulative, William is Anne Archibald's father and Nate's grandfather. He abandoned his daughter and grandson when Nate's father, the Captain, had his run-in with the law; he and Nate don't reconcile until partway through Season 2. Aiming to breed his grandsons for political careers, he secures an internship for Nate in the mayor's office in NYC and also pulls strings to get him into Yale. When Nate discovers that his grandfather turned his father in to the feds, Nate decides to break with his family and matriculate at Columbia. The grandfather strikes a bargain with Blair—she will get into a prestigious ladies club if she encourages Nate to go to Yale. Blair reneges on the deal, and the grandfather, recovering from his disappointment, tells Nate that he only turned his son-in-law in after encouraging him to turn himself in. William was trying to protect his daughter and grandson, not destroy the Archibald family. At the end of Season 2, William agrees to help Nate cover up his affair with an older woman, for which he received cash. Gasp!

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